About ravū Collective

The ravū Collective is a group of bloggers who review tons of great products for BuzzPlant, a digital marketing agency in Franklin, TN. With certain blogs reaching close to a million readers monthly, the products can be seen and considered by hundreds of thousands of readers during the duration of any project. Often clients will want to hear what people think of their products and want to get feedback, both for their own personal use and to spread the word online. Let’s face it, the best reviews come from people we know and trust, not some corporation paid to write about it!

When we have a blogging project, we will email our bloggers a general summary of the product/service and post it on the website. If they’re interested in signing up to review that product, they’ll log in to their ravū account and accept the blog campaign for that product. We will then send each blogger the product, as well as more information that would be helpful for their blog.

The types of products we have for our bloggers to review will vary, and may include:

  • Books
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Health products
  • Business tools
  • And more!

In being part of the ravū Collective, they’ll also get some of the products before they are released to the public!

All we ask is that in exchange for these free items, our bloggers will personally try them out and share their experiences on their blog. We always want honest opinions, so they’re free to write whatever they think, whether it’s positive or negative.

ravū Guidelines:

  1. Write the blog post within 1 month of receiving the product.
  2. Make sure your post has at least 200 words.
  3. Submit the link to personal blog on the details page for that campaign.
  4. In posts, be sure to mention that you received a complimentary sample from BuzzPlant (so that we all follow FTC requirements).

Interested? Contact us today about getting our bloggers to check out your product!